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See how ABB's YuMi robot can collaborate with the operator to help with assembling sockets by clicking on the picture on the left.

As an authorised Value Provider to ABB Robotics, Scanditron can assist you both with the hardware investment and software integration of your YuMi robot solution.

Could robot automation help your electronic production become more competitive? With the latest technologies it is now possible to automate process stages which were previously not considered technically or economically feasible.

Let Scanditron propose an optimal automation solution for you - be it a single robot cell or a completely automated assembly line!

Investing on basic automation should be regarded as a long term investment to increase your company's competitive edge in the years to come. There is a solution to suit your specific needs as automation solutions can be very flexible. Platform-based solutions can be equipped with different kinds of applications for several kinds of process phases.Integrated vision systems make it possible to handle different types of components with the same basic technology. In many cases material handling, component feeding and other applications can be standardised for many kind of products.
Scanditron can offer various types of possible solutions, applications, etc.including ABB YuMi, Fuji SmartWing or other robot cells for automating applications such as testing, pick and place, screw insertion, dispensing, labelling, laser marking, material and component handling technology, etc We can also present customised solutions.

ABB YuMi ‐ the collaborative robot

YuMi stands for “you and me”, working together to create endless possibilities. YuMi and humans can work together for the highest possible efficiency. Collaborative robots such as ABB YuMi allow simultaneous machine and human operation so that the robot can take over monotonous and physically stressful tasks. YuMi has flexible hands, parts feeding systems, camera‐based part location and state‐of‐the‐art robot control. There are various kinds of grippers available so you can find one to suit your particular application. 

FUJI SmartWing robot ‐ the robot that doesn’t need teaching!

FUJI's new SmartWing robot is easy to set up and does not require any physical guidance. It is easy to create production jobs in the software. SmartWing offers an easy solution for high-mix production. Automatic job changeover can be achieved by 2D bar code scanning. With its integrated vision system and range of grippers it can easily be adapted to suit your automation requirements.
It is also possible for two SmartWing robots to collaborate, e.g. to insert and tighten screws. 

See the film with SmartWing in action



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