Fume extraction


 NEW! CV-5210 connection validation

  • SmartHeat ® Power on demand technology
  • Patented Chip-in-Cartridge technology
  • Dual port simultaneous 
  • 80W shared dynamically per channel
  • Repeatability and traceability

Available from Scanditron in Sweden, Finland, Baltics and Poland

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Metcal's patented SmartHeat®   technology 

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  how you can:

  • save energy and prolong the lifetime soldering tips
  • maximise productivity and reliability
  • eliminate calibration
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PCT-1000 programmable preheater

  • Increased heat capacity
  • Enables lower process temperatures
  • Increases reliability for soldering and desoldering
  • 4 programmable heat zones and 1 cooling zone
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HCT-900 handheld convection tool

  • Flexible system for soldering/desoldering at a low cost
  • Increases placement accuracy
  • Easy to use
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MFR-2211 soldering/desoldering system

  • OKi's patented SmartHeat®   technology saves energy and prolongs the lifetime of tips
  • One soldering station -2 channels with 60W simultaneously
MFR-2211 soldering/desoldering
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Fume extraction

BVX 100 fume extraction

  • Powerful and low noise level
  • Lightweight bench top model
BVX 100
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BVX 201 fume extraction with 2 arms

  • For 2 soldering workplaces
  • Powerful fans with effective filtration
  • Can be placed under or beside the workbench
BVX 201
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