Screen printers

Screen printers

DEK Horizon iX screen printing platform

  • Flexible screen printing platform for tomorrow's production requirements 
  • 2 Cpk @ ± 20 µm 6-Sigma process capability for Horizon 01iX and ± 25 µm for Horizon 03iX 
  • 2 Cpk @ ± 12.5µm 6-Sigma machine capability
DEK Horizon iX
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DEK Galaxy screen printing platform

  • For advanced application such as flip-chip, uBGAs and ultra fine pitch SMT
  • 2 Cpk @ ± 12.5µm 6-Sigma process capability
  • 2 Cpk @ ± 12.5µm 6-Sigma machine capability
DEK Galaxy
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  • Closed printhead with Archimedes screw gives stable material quality on the stencil surface
  • Prevents flux separation
  • For advanced printing processes such as pin-in-paste
ProFlow ATx
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Grid-Lok Gold for printers

  • Automatic and flexible tooling for board / stencil
  • Fast product set up with minimal operator intervention
  • Can be used on different types of printers
Grid-Lok Gold
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Grid-Lok Silver for printers

  • Mechanical locking of pins
  • Cost-effective and flexible support for board / stencil
  • Can be used for DEK, MPM, Ekra printers
  • No electricity or compressed air needed
  • Easy to upgrade to semiautomatic / automatic
Grid-Lok Silver printers
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Dedicated tooling for DEK

  • Perfect fit gives optimal support for board and stencil during printing
  • Manufactured directly from customer's assembly digital data
  • Fast delivery in approx. 5 working days
  • Data transferred automatically to CNC routing program which minimises risk for defects
Dedicated tooling for DEK
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DEK Stinger dispensing

  • Flexible and compact dispensing unit
  • DEK printers with Instinctiv software can easily  be upgraded
  • Dispenses adhesive and paste on selected points at a low cost
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