SMD mounters

Fuji AIMEX IIIC compact SMD mounter 

  • Compact footprint 128 x 235 cm
  • 130 feeder slots  
  • Touch screen for easy editing for NPI 
  • 0402 to 74 x 74 mm components with DynaHead
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Fuji NXT III modular SMD mounter

  • Higher productivity - up to 35,000 cph per module
  • Supports components down to 03015 mm
  • Highest possible flexibility and accuracy with high capacity
  • Each machine module can function as a chip shooter with high speed or as a multifunctional mounter


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Feeders/label presenters

Hover Davis feeders

- Feeders of high quality at a low cost for
  most brands of  SMD placement equipment

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AXIUM label presenters for SMD equipment

- Picks and places labels just like any other component
- Hover Davis offers label printers for Mycronic, Siplace
   Fuji, Panasonic, etc

Label presenters
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Stick feeders for FUJI AIMEX and NXT

  • Vibratory stick feeders
  • For smooth and precise feeding of SO, PLCC, etc.
  • Developed by Scanditron  
Stick feeders for FUJI

Carrier tape tray

Nikko Carrier Tape tray

  • Handles component tapes for short series (e.g. for QFN)
  • To be placed in SMD mounters'  tray units
  • Separate rails can be added to give max. 12 x 8 mm tapes per tray
Nikko Carrier Tape Tray

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