Vacuum machines

Material handling

YJ Link Magazine unloader

  • Easy to configure for different types of magazine
  • Robust design with minimal footprint
YJ Magazine unloader
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YJ Link conveyors

  • Large range of conveyors 400-2500 mm to transport and buffer boards between process steps
  • Easy connection to other equipment, including YJ Link's wide range of loaders, buffers, turn and flip units, workstations, etc.
YJ Link conveyors
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PCB magazines

Nikko Rack ESD PCB magazine

  • Quick width adjustment without tools
  • Withstands very high temperatures
  • Robust quality at reasonable price
  • Can be used in most board-handling systems
  • Wide range of sizes and types
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Laser marking

YJ Link Laser Marker

  • For marking with bar code, QR code, logo, etc
  • Uses Panasonic CO2 laser
  • Collection of dust, smell and fumes for best environment 
Laser Marker
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Laser depanelling

MicroLine 2000 CI inline 

  • Automated UV laser for accurate cutting close to edge
  • Stress-free laser depanelling of assembled PCBs
  • Cuts clean in PI, FR4, FR5 and CEM materials, polyester, ceramics and other RF material 
  • Positioning accuracy +- 25µm
MicroLine 2000 CI
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MicroLine 2000 P

  • Variants for cutting assembled PCBs, flexible boards and cover layers
  • Cuts complex contures with highest accuracy 
  • UV laser which cuts clean with no thermal or mechanical stress
  • Positioning accuracy +- 25µm
MicroLine 2000 Series
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Dry storage

Totech climate cabinets

  • Storage according to IPC-J-STD-033 and
  • Precise humidity control down to RH < 0.5%
  • Many sizes and formats including modular designs
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Super Dry Totech Dry Tower

  • Centralised logistics with MSL
  • Flexible footprint in X, Y, Z axles
  • Customised and flexible support stations
  • Software monitors climate parameters in Dry Tower
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Vacuum machines

Totech SDV vacuum machines

  • Safe storage with humidity and oxygen control
  • Perfect for ESD environments
  • Digital control for setting vacuum, gas and sealing time


Vacuum machines
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