Cleaning fluids

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Decotron 250 cleaning fluid for stencils

  • Water based cleaning fluid
  • For spray cleaning of stencils, squeegees and misprinted boards
  • Available as concentrate
Decotron 250

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Decotron 94 spray cleaner for reflow ovens

  • Water-based cleaning fluid in 1ltr spray bottle
  • Active foam for effective cleaning
  • Dissolves burnt-in flux and other residues from machine parts after soldering in reflow ovens e.g. during periodic maintenance
  • Light citrus scent
Decotron 94

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Decotron CP381 cleaning fluid for circuit boards

  • Water based cleaning fluid
  • For spray cleaning of circuit boards after reflow
  • Effectively removes flux residues, etc.
Decotron CP381

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Decotron 331 S for ultrasonic cleaners

  • Water based cleaning fluid for boards after soldering
  • For ultrasonic cleaning of e.g. nozzles and other machine parts
  • Effectively removes flux residues, dust, etc
  • Does not leave a sticky surface
  • Non emulsion
Decotron 331 S

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