Metcal solder tips

Metcal's solder tips with OKi's patented SmartHeat® technology are designed to automatically ensure a consistent soldering iron tip temperature under a wide range of thermal loads, practically without external adjustments.  With SmartHeat® technology it is the tip temperature that is kept constant and not the power supplied to it, and the power varies automatically. SmartHeat detects the increase in thermal load demanded by the larger heat capacity of a bigger joint and compensates by increasing the power. Thereby the risk for overheating is diminished and you extend the lifetime of your solder tips considerably at the same time as you save energy and eliminate the need for calibration. Scanditron has a wide range of Metcal solder tips in stock. Metcal/OKi soldering stations, BGA rework equipment and solder tips are available from Scanditron in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.


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