Stencil cleaning rolls and wipes

Scanditron stencil cleaning rolls

For best process results at very competitive prices!

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Underscreen Cleaner stencil cleaning rolls for DEK, EKRA, MPM, Speedprint, Yamaha, Panasonic and SJ Innotech in stock in Sweden.Scanditron have maximized the number of meters per roll for each printer type. This can save you many hours per year in roll replacement.

The fibres in this unique fabric are randomly placed and thermally bonded without chemical additives, thus forming 3D pockets where solder paste residues collect, offering you the very best cleaning result.Check it yourself in your SPI!

  • Developed for best process results
  • Minimal lint, perfect absorbency and vacuum properties
  • 100 % polypropylene for minimum impact on the environment during the manufacturing process
  • Available with various core sizes and fabric width for different types of screen printers
  • Antistatic overwrap

Scanditron presaturated wipes

For effective cleaning of stencils and equipment in screen printing. 

  • Specifically developed for electronic production
  • No chemicals sprayed in the air
  • Exactly the right amount of cleaning solvent
  • Fast and effective cleaning
  • Quick drying
  • IPA/DI for general cleaning, stencil clean wipes, adhesive remover and lemon-scented wipes for cleaning hands after maintenance
  • Refills also available to save environmental resources and storage space for you


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