Automation solutions

Automation of material supply

In order to load your SMT line quickly and efficiently with PCBs, components and other materials, Scanditron together with our sister company Robotteknik Automation has developed an automation solution with standard robots from FANUC and MiR (Mobile Industrial Robot) and ROEQ carts with specially developed accessories for component reels, PCBs, etc. When you have finished a production run, a compact MiR robot  takes the material to an area where a FANUC collaborative robot picks up the component reels from the cart and places them in a component counter such as DAGE Assure X-ray.

When the components have been counted, the FANUC cobot places the reels in a component tower such as FUJI sTower. When you start your next production run the FANUC cobot stacks the material on carts and a compact MiR robot takes them to a pre-programmed place in the SMT line without colliding with any temporary obstacles or people in the way.

See Other robots and Collaborative robots for more information about MiR robots, ROEQ MiR robot accessories and FANUC collaborative robots.

In addition to our standard solution, we can also develop customized solutions.

Via Scanditron in Sweden

Other automation solutions

Could robot automation help your electronic production become more competitive? With the latest technologies it is now possible to automate process stages which were previously not considered technically or economically feasible.

Let Scanditron plan and propose an optimal automation solution for your application – be it a single robot or a completely automated assembly line! Automation solutions can be very flexible which means there is a solution to suit your specific needs. Platform-based solutions can be equipped with different kinds of applications for several kinds of process phases. Integrated vision systems make it possible to handle different types of components with the same basic technology. In many cases material handling, component feeding and other applications can be standardised for many different kinds of products.

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