Other robots

Denso 5- and 6-axis VS robots

The new DENSO VS-Series six-axis articulated robots are the world’s fastest and most precise in their class.

The VS Series is available in 4 different sizes, with an arm reach from 505 to 905 mm and payload from 4 kg to 7 kg.

  • High speed and high power in a compact, slim body
  • Repeatability accuracy: ±0.02 mm and consistency in production
  • Low power consumption and low maintenance
  • Wide range of options for many different applications, e.g. assembly, inspection, material handling, packaging and customised applications

See how fast they are in the video!




FUJI SmartWing robot

  • SmartWing offers an easy solution for high-mix production
  • Cut down on time needed for set up – no physical guidance necessary
  • Easy to create production jobs in the software. SmartWing offers an easy solution for high-mix production
  • Automatic job changeover can be achieved by 2D bar code scanning
  • Camera fitted as standard
  • With its integrated vision system and range of grippers it can easily be adapted to suit your automation requirements
  • Also possible for two SmartWing robots to collaborate with each other, e.g. to insert and tighten screws

Metcal soldering robot

Reduce risk and increase productivity with a soldering robot from Metcal. Metcal’s new benchtop Robotic Soldering System combines its patented Connection Validation (CV) technology and Smart Interface System. CV mitigates solder joint defects by validating the intermetallic compound (IMC) formation in a soldered joint, and reduces unnecessary dwell time by signalling to the system to move to the next solder joint in the program after a good joint is detected.

  • Smart interface with dual cameras, touchscreen and intuitive software for programming
  • Import your Gerber or DXF file to capture the image of your printed circuit board and start the programming process
  • Integrated solder feeder controls
  • Repeatability and traceability
  • SmartHeat Power on demand technology
  • Patented Chip-in-Cartridge technology

Available from Scanditron in Sweden, Finland, Baltics and Poland