Collaborative Robots

FANUC Collaborative Robots

FANUC collaborative CRX robots are lightweight and flexible and can be easily installed in a broad range of applications such as electronic production.

  • 6 axes robots​ with 10 kg payload
  • 2 models with 1249 or 1418 mm reach
  • Weighs only 39 kilograms
  • Highly protected against dust or oil leakages common in industrial environments
  • Fully complies with ISO 10218-1 safety standards.​


  • Easily program and teach points on your new CRX cobot using all-new lead-through programming features and new teach pendant user interface
  • Easy to connect to 3rd party grippers ​
  • FANUC intelligence ready: iRVision, iRPickTool, and more​

Via Scanditron in Sweden

Denso Cobotta collaborative robot

  • Human-friendly, compact, and portable design
  • Very easy operation – intuitive GUI for easy programming
  • Safe design – no safety fences needed
  • Integrated controller with open platform
  • Arm weighs only 4 kg with loading capacity of 500 gr
  • Teaching can be further simplified by fitting an optional camera

Check out the first video to see the product features and the second video to see how Cobotta handles pens!


ABB Yumi Collaborative Robot

ABB’s YuMi robot (standing for You and Me is a dual arm robot with breakthrough functionality which collaborates  with humans, for example in small parts assembly, where people and robots work together on the same tasks. YuMi’s design offers inbuilt safety features making barriers and cages unnecessary.

As an authorised Value Provider to ABB Robotics, Scanditron can assist you both with the hardware investment and software integration of your YuMi robots.
Check out the video to see how ABB’s YuMi robot can collaborate with the operator to help with assembling sockets.