STAC AB becomes part of Scanditron Sverige AB

STAC AB, a total supplier of equipment for cabling production and verification equipment for electronic production, will from 1 October 2021 be legally transferred to Scanditron Sverige AB, VAT No. 556447-9029, also part of the KAMIC group.

We can now therefore provide everything from hand tools to fully automatic manufacturing systems and can offer solutions for measuring, marking, cutting, scaling, stripping, crimping, bundling and verification of all cables such as single conductors, coaxial cables, opic fibers, flat cables, multi-conductors etc. We have equipment for every step in the production chain; feeders, printers, test equipment, tools, winding devices and cable trays.

For more information about STAC’s product range see STAC’s website

MiR Launches Two Powerful Autonomous Mobile Robots

MiR600 and MiR1350, the market’s first IP52-rated AMRs, are designed for transporting heavy materials through challenging manufacturing and logistic warehouse environments.

Like MiR’s other AMRs (MiR100, MiR200, MiR250, MiR500 and MiR1000), the MIR600 and MIR1350 navigate smoothly and safely among people and other transport equipment in dynamic surroundings.

The larger MiR600 and MiR1350 are ideal for autonomously transporting heavy loads of materials and goods in:

  • loading bays
  • production and assembly areas
  • warehouses
  • material delivery areas 

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FUJI sFAB-SH entry level machine for odd-form parts

Now you can assembly large and odd-form parts automatically with FUJI sFAB-SH multipurpose automated fabrication machine.

The sFAB-SH machine is an entry level model which has now been added into the same product lineup as sFAB-D machines. In addition to the advanced versatility, scalability, and productivity of the sFAB-D machines, this machine specializes in general panel assembly as embodied in its simple platform that makes it easier to introduce.

Because the SmartFAB can handle large and heavy parts which cannot be handled on other insertion machines, a wider range of assembly can be automated. This can shorten the work time and make quality stable compared to manual insertion. By replacing heads, you can use two different specifications and get the maximum effect with minimum investment. The sH02-SH head supports large parts up to 55 mm tall and 200 g in weight whereas the sH08-SH head supports high-speed handling of small parts up to 39.5 mm tall and 20 g in weight.

DAGE Assure – the fast and reliable way to count components!

Scanditron now offers Assure™ X-ray system, a component counter from Nordson DAGE which gives you control of your component inventory. By pressing one button you can count one component reel in 10 seconds and four at the same time in 25 seconds! Intelligent algorithms and self-teaching functions mean that new component types can easily be added.


DAGE presents Explorer one – a new compact X-ray machine

Nordson DAGE has launched a completely new X-ray system called Explorer one which can help you check the quality of your products and quickly find defects. Explorer one offers a small footprint and < 2µm recognition and can inspect boards up to 300 x 300 mm from both sides. It uses Gensys inspection software and gives real time feedback. Typical applications include inspection of BGA reflow, solder fill for PTH, soldering quality for e.g. QFN and QFP and checking for counterfeit components.

KAMIC group acquires Robotteknik Automation Vetlanda

KAMIC Group AB has acquired all the shares in Robotteknik Automation Vetlanda AB which will become part of KAMIC Group’s Production Technology business area together with Scanditron and STAC. Robotteknik programs and installs complete robot cells and is the general agent in Sweden for robots from Hyundai and Denso as well as vision-based feeding systems from Eyefeeder. Robotteknik also offers maintenance and design services for both complete installations and individual robots.

Robotteknik’s skilled employees have almost 100 years’ combined experience of planning, building,installing and programming different types of robot cells for such applications as welding and material handling. They work in close contact with their customers and suppliers and always aim to be at the leading edge of technical development.

For more information about the company please see Robotteknik’s website or about the acquisition below press release:

Press release_Robotteknik_190415_en