Ensure the quality of your manual processes with Light Guide Systems!

22 September, 2020
Light Guide Systems

When precision and repeatibility is a requirement!

Press release: Light Guide Systems and Scanditron have signed a channel partner agreement. For full press release see Press release Light Guide Systems.

Light Guide Systems presents a new way to reduce errors in manual processes – Light Guide Systems. Light Guide Systems use the latest digital technology with Augmented Reality to guide the operator visually through each step of the process. LGS can be implemented in most industries, such as electronics manufacturing, the automotive industry, medical technology, etc. It is easy to train new operators and the instructions can be written in different languages ​​to suit the operator. There are many areas of use, e.g. boxbuilding, material kitting, packing or through hole assembly before selective soldering. The system is fully configurable and can be easily adapted to customer needs. LGS can verify and save the result and thus offers traceability at every step.