GT120 soldering station

Metcal soldering station with inductive heat and adjustable tip temperatures for best in class performance.

  • 90 or 120 W: Power station, Hand-piece & Workstand
  • Can be used with cartridges with inbuilt heater for best performance or lower cost tips which go over heater. See Datasheet and Tips and cartridges guide on the right
  • Higher throughput through improved time to temperature, dwell time and recovery time
  • Improved quality solder joints with best in class temperature stability while soldering
  • Reduced costs of inventory by utilizing 1 tip for multiple temperature applications
  • Lower total cost of ownership with the choice of lower cost tips and the use of an external power supply
  • Superior performance allowing for a wider range of application capabilities .

    Available from Scanditron in Sweden, Finland, Baltics and Poland