Dry storage and vacuum machines

Totech MSD 1222-55-Smart

The MSD series from Totech is the first modular dry cabinet that can be expanded as your storage and drying needs increase.
The cabinets in this MSD series are designed for easy expansion and have an extremely powerful U-5000 dynamic drying unit, which means that the capacity can be expanded to 4800 liters without an additional drying unit.
MSD 1222-55-Smart is a cabinet with integrated screen and scanner.
  • Maintenance-free U-5000 Series drying unit with integrated fan
  • ESD safe design (IEC 61340-5-1)
  • Limit value monitoring (RH; ° C)
  • Door alarm
  • Lockable doors
  • Regulated relative humidity below 0.5%
  • Integrated scanner
  • Integrated Totech-Viewer software

Totech SDV vacuum machines

  • Safe storage with humidity and oxygen control
  • Perfect for ESD environments
  • Digital control for setting vacuum, gas and sealing time
  • Nitrogen unit can be added as option


Totech climate cabinets

  • Storage according to IPC-J-STD-033 and IPC-J-STD-020
  • Precise humidity control down to RH < 0.5%
  • Many sizes and formats including modular designs

See the pdf datasheet for more information about Totech’s MSL software for better productivitet and traceability.