Conformal Coating

Rehm Protecto XP

The focus of the ProtectoXP is the maintainability, intuitive programme configuration and ultra-flexible equipment that can be adapted to customer requirements. The patented Stream-Coat® nozzles measuring up to 100mm long and only 2.4mm thick enable a protective coating between tightly packed, tall components. This means expensive and time-consuming manual re-coating is a thing of the past. Furthermore, different application methods can be achieved “on the fly”, without changing the applicator and without splatters.

ProtectoXP can have 4 applicators with separate processes

Rehm Protecto XC

With the ProtectoXC, Rehm has brought a compact and high-performance coating system to the market which, thanks to its low investment costs, is primarily of interest to electronics manufacturers who need to process low throughputs. The system combines precise coating while concentrating on the essentials: the perfect protection for your electronics! When developing the ProtectoXC, the focus was on ensuring that the system has a modern look which helps the user to enjoy carrying out their work, whilst also providing reliable protection for high-quality circuit boards at the same time.

ProtectoXC can have 3 applicators with separate processes

MYC50 conformal coater

The MYSmart series MYC50 in-line conformal coating platform combines high-accuracy edge definition with advanced feedback systems. A wide range of process parameters can be monitored enabling high quality output.

  • Fast and stable operation
  • Automated spray pattern changeovers
  • Flexible multi-axis control for complex processes
  • Powerful process controls enhance quality
  • Barcode-defined program selection

MYC10 conformal coater

MYC10 is a flexible three axis robot with optional tilt and rotate capability that is suitable for virtually any benchtop selective coating application. MYC10 features a robust overhead motion platform employing servo motors and precision ball screw slides.

  • Compact, tabletop design
  • Large work area
  • Flexible multi-axis control enables precise coating of complex PCB boards
  • Industrial computer with online and off line (optional) programming software