Feeders and label presenters

Stick feeders for FUJI Aimex and NXT

  • Digital vibratory stick feeder for FUJI
  • For smooth and precise feeding of SO, PLCC, etc.
  • Autotuning
  • Compatible with NEXIM software
  • Developed by Scanditron, approved by FUJI

Hover Davis SMD feeders

  • Own developed feeding solutions for components packaged in tape and/or tray, pre-printed labels and die from wafer
  • Hover-Davis feeders are compatible with most major SMT platforms, including those from Fuji, Panasonic, Universal Instruments, Siemens, Juki, Samsung and Assembleon
  • Direct die feeders to eliminate tape are also available

AXIUM label presenters for SMD equipment

  • Picks and places labels just like any other component
  • Hover Davis offers label presenters for Mycronic, ASM Siplace, Fuji, Panasonic, etc
  • Generic Media Platform (GMP) accommodates a wide range of media types and shapes
  • User configurable with simple push-button setup
  • Adjustable features including media size and presentation speed
  • Standard system presents 3mm x 3mm to 42mm x 50mm media
  • Custom system configurations available for special applications < 3mm