Nordson DIMA Bonding and soldering

Nordson Dima offers a range of Hot Bar Systems from built-in Process Equipment via Desktop and Stand-Alone systems up to fully automated In-Line solutions for Reflow Soldering, Heat Staking, ACF Laminating and Heat Seal Bonding applications.

For example C-Base is a bench system combining C-Flow intelligent pulsed heater controller and C-Drive bond head.

  • Displacement monitoring to control joining connections
  • Multi-language user-friendly touchscreen user interface to easily transfer proven process globally
  • Easy thermode change overs and planarity, which saves set up time
  • Four distinct force ranges to apply accurate forces for all applications Integrated
  • Force Control which can be easily programmed by the touch screen
  • Data output to PC via RS-485 for Quality Assurance and SPC collection

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Via Scanditron only in Finland