Software and accessories


CompControl are the experts in the production of electronics for integrated storage, logistics, and traceability solutions.

They plan, develop, and implement IT infrastructures and solutions for companies working in electronics production.

With WEControl for goods receiving:

  • Records the receiving of all component carriers automatically and in a transparent way using a high-resolution camera
  • Detects and analyses all barcodes and clear-text information on the component carriers
  • Posts data back to the ERP system automatically

With ProductionControl for production planning:

  • Speeds up the processing of production orders
  • Planning reliability in production– also in multi-production line environments
  • Recognizes deviations from the planning
  • Improved meeting of delivery promises and schedules

FUJI Nexim software

Fuji’s new Nexim software is divided into three areas:

SchedulingProgramming, optimization, simulation, flexible production planning over several lines and equipment as well as individual set-up modification configuration.

DoingSetting up reports, product change support, material tracking and material provision to the operator.

SeeingLine monitoring (real-time), location-independent (web-based), line utilization overview (OEE), production analysis and traceability.

This user-friendly interface guides the user intuitively through the software for quick learning.


Nikko carrier tape tray

  • Handles component tapes for short series for example for prototypes, reuse or separation
  • To be placed in SMD mounters’  tray units
  • Can be used in most brands of pick and place –  just use the Teach program to check
  • Additional tape guides can be added to give max. 12 x 8 mm tapes per tray