Software and accessories

FUJI Nexim software

Fuji’s new Nexim software is divided into three areas:

SchedulingProgramming, optimization, simulation, flexible production planning over several lines and equipment as well as individual set-up modification configuration.

DoingSetting up reports, product change support, material tracking and material provision to the operator.

SeeingLine monitoring (real-time), location-independent (web-based), line utilization overview (OEE), production analysis and traceability.

This user-friendly interface guides the user intuitively through the software for quick learning.


Nikko carrier tape tray

  • Handles component tapes for short series for example for prototypes, reuse or separation
  • To be placed in SMD mounters’  tray units
  • Can be used in most brands of pick and place –  just use the Teach program to check
  • Additional tape guides can be added to give max. 12 x 8 mm tapes per tray