KAMIC group acquires Robotteknik Automation Vetlanda

17 April, 2019

KAMIC Group AB has acquired all the shares in Robotteknik Automation Vetlanda AB which will become part of KAMIC Group’s Production Technology business area together with Scanditron and STAC. Robotteknik programs and installs complete robot cells and is the general agent in Sweden for robots from Hyundai and Denso as well as vision-based feeding systems from Eyefeeder. Robotteknik also offers maintenance and design services for both complete installations and individual robots.

Robotteknik’s skilled employees have almost 100 years’ combined experience of planning, building,installing and programming different types of robot cells for such applications as welding and material handling. They work in close contact with their customers and suppliers and always aim to be at the leading edge of technical development.

For more information about the company please see Robotteknik’s website or about the acquisition below press release:

Press release_Robotteknik_190415_en