Koh Young won NPI awards at Apex 2019

31 January, 2019
Koh Young wins awards

Koh Young won 2 NPI awards at Apex for KPO Process Control software and for its Auto Repair function in SPI.

Award-winning Auto Repair SPI Function

Koh Young Auto helps manufacturers improve quality and productivity by integrating an automated paste dispenser into its 3D SPI systems. Combining an SPI and a dispenser helps prevent insufficient solder, so manufacturers can reduce costs by eliminating board scrap or rework. “When our SPI is configured with the Auto Repair feature, manufactures enhance first pass yield and reduce operational costs,” said Joel Scutchfield, Koh Young America Sales Director. “The 3D SPI becomes more than an inspection system, it becomes a process optimizer”, he concluded.

Award-winning Koh Young Process Optimizer (KPO)

Koh Young also received an award for the Koh Young Process Optimizer (KPO). KPO includes a set of software modules that exercise complex algorithms to develop and implement closed-loop print process improvements through Machine-to-Machine (M2M) connectivity. “Product miniaturization is driving smaller aperture designs and finer solders, which makes printing a highly-sophisticated process with significant impact on yields. Manufacturers must constantly develop and apply optimal printing parameters during production,” said Ray Welch, Project Manager at Koh Young America. “With so many print process variables, it takes real expertise to correctly define the ideal parameters. Using KPO will help automate the process with continual monitoring and adjustment.”