Cleaning rolls

Stencil cleaning rolls

Scanditron stencil cleaning rolls pack the maximum length of fabric for each type of printer – longer roll = saves time for roll replacement! Specially manufactured for DEK/ASM, EKRA, MPM, Speedprint, Yamaha, Panasonic and SJ Innotech printers.

Excellent process results and competitive price.

Scanditron stencil wiper rolls are manufactured by Swiftmode using a unique thermal bonding technique which means that the fibres lie in random directions and form small “pockets” where paste residues collect. The rolls have been thoroughly tested by leading electronic manufacturers with outstanding results.

  • The uneven structure leads to more effective cleaning and better spreading of USC solvent across the fabric
  • Less fabric and solvent is therefore needed to reach an optimal cleaning result, even for fine pitch
  • Typically 50% less solvent is required but in some cases it is not needed at all
  • Faster cleaning times and thereby higher yield
  • Antistatic overwrap
  • Environmentally friendly 100 % polypropylene with strong recyclable core of kraft paper

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