• developed in partnership with industry leaders
• innovative in every detail
• 288 stencils, one cabinet
• only 0.75 square meters
• LED lighting
• comprehensive stencil tracking
• three variants
• configuration takes 10 minutes
• operated via a touchscreen and scanner

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Scanditron’s lasercut stencils

Our experienced production team has been manufacturing top quality lasercut stencils for more than 20 years. We offer consistent reliability in production precision and delivery times. Our production facilities in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Poland have four micro laser cutters enabling precision cutting down to 20 mµ for future technologies. We also manufacture our own step up/step down stencils in our state of the art router.

Læs om vores stencilfremstilling i Danmark i pdf til højre

  • Local manufacture for fast delivery
  • Digital data from the customer is used for preparation, laser cutting and all the way to inspection
  • Design assistance and preparation of data for stencil production
  • Surface treatment after laser cutting for optimal solder paste release
  • Digital inspection (AOI or scanner) of all stencils after production
  • High flexibility with possibility for delivery within 24 hours

For Finland and Baltic
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