INOVAXE – New supplier for material handling

6 March, 2024

We are delighted to welcome INOVAXE as our new material supplier! 


  • Founded in 2003 by electronics manufacturing and supply chain experts
  •  Based in USA with a global footprint
  • Office in Paris to cover Europe
  • Service/Distribution partners all over Europe
  •  Dedicated to solving material handling problems and inefficiencies
  • Maintenance-free storage systems
  • Simple but powerful software
  • Solutions for all manufacturing use cases

With Inovaxe’s Smart Storage Solutions you can store hundreds of reels per square foot and access your parts in seconds. Each smart location is configured to perfectly fit a desired reel size, allowing you to utilize every cubic inch without any wasted space. Our smart reel storage solutions detect when reels are added or removed, and light up required parts for retrieval using sensors and LEDs found at every location. One controller unit can operate multiple carts or racks, allowing you to expand and increase capacity over time. 

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