AXXON Mycronic – New Supplier for Dispense and Coating Systems

25 March, 2024

Scanditron Chooses AXXON Mycronic as New Supplier for Dispense and Coating Systems.

Scanditron, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with AXXON Mycronic in the following countries Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Effective immediately in some areas and a transition period in other, please contact your local sales or service contact for more information.

Axxon Mycronic is a leading, global supplier of innovative dispense and conformal coating systems. Axxon Mycronic expertise lies in designing solutions that perform exceptionally well in high-volume, high-mix, and customized production environments.

Product portfolio span from tabletop machines to a variety of inline machines used for dispensing, conformal coating, and industrial dispensing.

Scanditron, with over 25 years of process knowledge in coating and dispensing applications, has conducted training for sales and service personnel and installed AXXON machines in our facilities in Sweden and Finland, with Denmark soon to follow.


Sweden: Lars Pettersson

Denmark: Søren Mouritsen

Finland & Baltics: Rauno Harttimo

Norway: Tor Åge Nordberg


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